Vision, Mission, Values


Al-Izzi Company overview

Our Vision, Mission and Values guide every aspect of AL-Izzi co day-to-day work. Our Sustainability Vision applies these same principles as we fulfill our commitment to plan for tomorrow – today.


Our Vision

Leading global supplier of innovative, sustainable and industrial shipping solutions.

Our Mission

To create value for our customers and other stakeholders by being a sustainable shipping company.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: In Alizzi stakeholders are committed to improving themselves personally and pursuing the best balance between cost competiveness, social and environmental requirements.

  • Innovation: In Alizzi we inspire each other to drive creativity in the pursuit of new business and in search of the optimal solutions - going beyond the obvious.

  • Integrity: In Alizzi we act ethically, keeping our word and treating others both inside and outside the Company with fairness and respect.

  • Respect: In Alizzi we recognize our limitations and listen to the views of others. We seek to learn from others culture, opinions and skills in order to create value for all stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Vision

Becoming an industry leader in creating enduring value by taking responsibility for the future through the choices we make today. This means:

  • Clear and consistent leadership whilst engaging our employees

  • Transparency and improving our Business  , environment and social contribution

  • Developing our human potential and collaborating with those who share our vision locally and globally.


How did we choose our couriers service

To enhance our business shipping process to be one of the best in Amman Jordan by working with the best shipping companies worldwide, there is a list of relevant courier services. However, we started working with DHL since 1994 in Iraq Baghdad.

In order to create a shipment with a Al-IzzI Co. as courier services, we make a comparison of all the relevant services that are available to your business, including the price, cost to send your parcel or document depending on destination and weight and size. It very from courier to other courier to courier DHL, or FedEx or even Aramex, TNT, UPS we check our list and use the most efficient service suitable for your shipment requirements.

We are using our co. for your Business, simply we are one of the best in Amman Jordan, which is deling with Aramex so as DHL and Fedex