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Al-AzzI Express Mail Company was established in Amman in 2006. Since then  it has been registered with Jordanian government  and approved by the Communications Authority, which certifies our commitment over these years.

Al-Azze Post Company started its work as an approved agent to DHL Jordan, so as fedex and aramex as an extension of its work in Iraq. During that time we also worked with land transport. The location of the company and its four branches was chosen with great precision.  We as a company care about the community and which is why we choose places that are well populated. For instance, the main office of the company on the Al-Waha roundabout, which was considered one of the busiest  areas in Amman.  Another location was near university neighborhood, because we understand the importance of being able to make an easy shipment as a university student. We have another branch on the first circle is  near the Embassies, visa and translation offices. And the final branch is near Marj Al-Hamam which is another well populated  area in Amman. Alizzi post, intend to continue on expanding our branches to more areas to make it more convenient to ship out a package.
During the aforementioned Covid 19 pandemic  period, Al-AzzI Post did not experience any kind of problems that might harm DHL, fedex and aramex. On the contrary, Al-AzzI Post continues to be a safe and reliable service for customers. Whether this is at the level of companies or individuals, our customers  are happy with the outcome of our services. 
Though out the years, we have built a strong reliance to our name and the company that we represent. Our main aim in our company is to provide the best service to our customers that we could possibly could..  not as a comparison, but for clarification, as all branches of Al-IzzI are considered branches of a body worthy of the name of DHL, compared to those who use the trademark to open stores that are not at all worthy of DHL, as Al-IzzI was and is still seeking to offer the optimal fashion for its offices and services.??? 

During the past years, Al-IzzI Company has sent nearly 500,000 of mail and postal items worldwide, all within a timely manner.  We look forward to shipping your mail in a friendly, timely manner.

MrSalah Al-Izzi

Al-Izze Co. Founders

Salah Al-Izzi who is the first founder of the company was born in 1943, in Baghdad, Iraq. He grew up to fluently speak 5 languages and graduated from Germany with a B.A Engineering degree. A few years later married and had two kids. He spent much of his life traveling and being a well known business man. He spent many of his years in the United kingdom and Germany. In 1993 he decided to establish a very successful transportation businesses called “Al-Sanaya Transportation” in Iraq, Baghdad. 
Since the United Nations sanctions on Iraq Air roots, there was only one way to move mail in and out of the country. Cargo was the only option to deliver packages to Jordan, Syria and Labanon. Al-Sanaya Transportation made a big change in express logistics year 1995 and decided to move its branch to Jordan and change the name to DHL. Since that day we have been known as DHL. 

Then in 2005 Al-Izze Co. opened our first location at AlWaha Circle. Two years later, in 2007, we opened our second branch at the First circle.  Then in 2009 Al-size Co  opened two more branches; one across Jordan university, and 4th branch opened in Marj Al Hamman.
Our 4 branches are located in the hearts of Amman, for the convenience of our community.

After living a long life with many people whom admired the humble intelligent  man.  Salah Alizzi sadly passed away suddenly in November 2020, due to COVID-19 virus. 

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Mazin Al-Ezzi


December 2020 Mr. Mazin Has been appointed as CEO for

Al-Ezzi Express & Logistics Co. W.L.L.

Proud to work with grate teem and continue what my father has started, with plan of growing it up with new branches 

Sura Alkhrisat


It's been an honor and a privilege working for Alizzi Express & Logistics over the past few years. Such a great Team and great people to work with "

Samir Al-Khalisi

Logistics Dept.

Working since 2009

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